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How to download your Netflix content to enjoy offline

The first and most important thing to know is that the download is not enabled for the whole catalog or on all platforms. Only selected house titles can be enjoyed offline and the option will only appear in the firm's iOS and Android applications - so forget to download from the web on your laptop, for example. Once you have updated your application - you need to have the latest available version of the Netflix app - a new option will appear in it from now on in your user menu (on the left of the screen). This is the 'Available for download' section, which will give you access to those content that Netflix allows you to enjoy offline. The catalog, but not 100% of the service is extensive, with the supply of all chapters of house productions as ' Stranger Things ', ' Narcos ', ' Sense 8 ', ' Orange Is the New Black ' and other "external" securities, either the wonderful series ' Breaking Bad ', the film ' Untouchable ' and the documentary ' El Bulli ', to name just a few. When you enter each title, they will all show you a download icon, which you will only have to click to proceed to save the content to your account for your offline enjoyment - what to say you have to do it also include the audio options and the Subtitle. In the case of series, the icon appears next to each episode. Capture in iOS app for iPhone Video quality can also be chosen, although it must be prior to download. To do this, go to Settings (in the user menu) => Downloads and select in Video Quality if you want the contents to be downloaded in standard or high quality. In this configuration you can also select if you want the downloads to be done only via WiFi and check the memory status of your device and how many are occupying your movies or series episodes. Tell us, do you have Netflix and have already tried the download? Did you also expect this option?
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